Designing Timeless Elegance at the Sutton Residence

Designing Timeless Elegance at the Sutton Residence

Sutton Tower stands at the crossroads of Billionaires’ Row and the water’s edge, offering unparalleled views and exquisite design by Thomas Juul-Hansen. This landmark district, affectionately known as “Little London,” combines a small village's charm with Midtown Manhattan's vibrancy. At Vesta, we were inspired to create interiors that reflect this unique blend of elegance and accessibility.

Design Vision

The interior design of Sutton Residence, led by Vesta’s designer Melinda Wolrab, embraces the harmonious blend of modernity and timeless elegance envisioned by Thomas Juul-Hansen. Our team blended a minimal color palette of creamy neutrals, rich gray hues, and hints of gold and forest green to set the tone for a serene and stylish interior. Inspired by the architectural beauty of Sutton Tower, Wolrab aimed to create a space that feels sleek, light, streamlined, and effortlessly chic.

Sculptural Silhouettes and Soft Curves

To infuse the space with a sense of harmony and visual interest, we incorporated contemporary furnishings with sculptural silhouettes and soft curves. As seen above with our Kiruna Lounge chairs, with their quirky, Scandinavian-inspired design, upholstered in our cozy mink velvet fabric, paired perfectly with our Manarola sofa, a curved statement piece with a retro feel offering both modern luxury and versatility.

These pieces not only soften the architectural lines of the residence but also provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The combination and curation of our luxury furniture ensures a living space that is both stylish and comfortable.

Natural Materials and Luxurious Finishes

The use of natural materials like warm woods, combined with marble finishes and darker contrasting accents, brings a balance of city sleekness and cozy warmth to the interiors. The rich textures and high-quality materials like this marble kitchen island complimented by our contemporary and more casual counter stools create a livable luxurious feel, ensuring each room is beautiful and functional.

Maximizing Views and Light

The stunning river and skyline views from Sutton Tower are a central feature of our design. We strategically placed our Bleeker Street mirror and reflective surfaces such as our glass Ticino coffee table to capture and amplify these views, enhancing the natural light and creating a sense of openness. We also designed our seating areas near windows to provide perfect spots to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. 

Additionally, we incorporated our round Pescara dining table to not only save space but also add a modern twist to the dining area, making it suitable for both formal and casual settings. The Pescara dining table’s versatility and sleek design complement the expansive views, creating the ultimate dining experience.

Infusing Color with Abstract Artwork

We used beautiful abstract and contemporary artwork to bring color and vibrancy into the space. These pieces serve as striking focal points, adding depth and personality to the rooms. By carefully selecting artwork that complements the overall design and furnishings, we created a cohesive aesthetic with lively energy, making each space feel curated and complete.

Ready-to-Live Luxury

Our design philosophy at Sutton Tower revolves around creating complete, livable spaces that feel both luxurious and comfortable.  Our comprehensive staging and interior design strategy brings out the best in every room, ensuring a balanced blend of style and function. 

With our turnkey solution, you have the unique opportunity to acquire the home complete with our carefully curated furniture and design, allowing you to enjoy a ready-made, beautifully designed living space where every detail has been considered. All our furniture is available to rent or to purchase, allowing you the flexibility to create a space that aligns perfectly with your vision and needs.

Vesta’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail is showcased in the design of these Sutton units. Our ability to blend modern elegance with timeless sophistication creates a luxurious sanctuary in the heart of New York City. Through the use of natural materials, luxurious finishes, and sculptural furnishings, we crafted an environment that perfectly complements the charm and prestige of Sutton Tower.

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