Do you love our design but need a less permanent solution? All of our products are available for rental - allowing you to try out the product while you determine your design needs.

Our team excels at providing this fully turnkey service - creating a beautifully designed and comfortable home delivered in days not months.

Like What You See In Our Designs?

We thought you might! We offer turnkey solutions to transform your new property into a space that feels like home in no time.

We provide the flexibility to lease or purchase some or all of our furnishings, and by leveraging our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to offer a quick turnaround on installations.

New developments demand a keen eye for detail and a wholly unique vision. A brand-new building is not just a residence, it’s a cultural addition to the city itself. Our luxury design services are meticulous and comprehensive. We work with developers to ensure their vision translates from exterior to interior.

Looking to be more involved in the design process?


    Having designed over 4,000 homes at every price point across the country, we understand that the needs of our clients as well as budgets can change over time. Our turnkey furniture leasing services feature everything you need to outfit your space without the cost of a long-term commitment.


    We know how complicated it can get to have access to the right furniture. We maintain the unique ability to service a wide range of projects by designing and producing high quality, comfortable furniture without the long lead times of a typical retail shopping experience. All of our furniture is avalible for purchase.