Welcome to Vesta, your premier destination for full-service luxury design and manufacturing. 

As a studio, we adopt a holistic approach to our projects and clients' needs by seamlessly integrating manufacturing and logistics with design and marketing. We specialize in residential and commerical interior design, furniture retail + rental, and real estate marketing through our bespoke home staging offerings.

With over 30+ designers and billions of dollars of  transaction experience, our multifaceted service offering encompass every stage of the design journey, from the inception of bespoke furniture to crafting interiors that transcend the ordinary. 


Noun | English, derived from Latin

Classical Mythology. The ancient Roman and Greek goddess of the hearth and home: identified with the Greek Hestia.

Named after the Roman goddess of hearth and home, Vesta honors the revolutionary advances in architecture and design made in Ancient Rome. From its structural and material achievements (the dome, the arch and the invention of concrete); to the creation of a modern urban landscape of homes, apartments and public spaces - the creations of Ancient Rome quite literally defined how we interact with spaces today.

And so, Vesta is our small triumphal arch, celebrating the designers and architects that came before us, and transformed how we live today. We strive to build on the shoulders of these giants.

Between offices in Los Angeles, New York, Florida and San Francisco, Vesta’s team of 30+ designers leverage a global manufacturing footprint to provide all of our customers with a unique blend of fast service, cost-effective prices and elevated design.