Maximize flexibility and facilitate the completion of projects that require quick turnaround by leveraging Vesta’s extensive inventory of design-driven furniture.

We offer your clients a complete turn-key solution, creating beautiful spaces with the highest quality furniture at competitive prices.

With our proven streamlined process and top-notch design team, we make it easy for you to outfit their space without the price tag of purchase and the cost of long-term commitment.

Our fully-integrated design firm offers tailored solutions to suit your needs. Rent our furniture while you work with one of our Interior Designers to create a space that is uniquely yours!

New developments demand a keen eye for detail and a wholly unique vision. A brand-new building is not just a residence, it’s a cultural addition to the city itself.

Our luxury design services are meticulous and comprehensive. We work with developers to ensure their vision translates from exterior to interior.


    With over six years of experience designing for a wide range of clientele, we understand that the needs of our clients as well as budgets and tastes can change over time. Our turnkey furniture leasing services feature everything you need to outfit your space without the cost of a long-term commitment.


    We know how tricky it can be to have access to the right furniture. We maintain the unique ability to service a wide range of projects by designing and producing high quality, comfortable furniture without the long lead times of a typical retail shopping experience.