Scandinavian Organic Minimalism

Scandinavian Organic Minimalism

Experience 3646 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, a masterpiece of Scandinavian Organic Minimalism. This property is a testament to the power of intentional design, combining natural materials with sleek lines for a truly unique living space.

 The Vision Behind the Design

Rooted in intentionality, the vision for 3646 Corinth Ave was brought to life by our designer, Kailea Iskra. She thoughtfully staged every detail, from the architectural framework to the smallest decor elements, to create a space that captivates and inspires.

A neutral color palette, warm woods, and Scandinavian furniture silhouettes characterize the interiors, offering a perfect balance of warmth and simplicity. The combination of natural hues and clean lines creates an inviting and sophisticated environment that truly stands out.

Architectural Artistry

The developmental team at HELMD played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life. Their innovative approach to design and architecture is evident in every corner of the property.

The gorgeous pocket windows, purposefully placed to offer stunning views from the primary bath and seating area, highlight their commitment to creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful. 

 Roman Clay Accent Walls

The terracotta walls enveloping the study enrich the home with natural charm and artisanal appeal. Its textured surface and earthy tones effortlessly blend with the Scandinavian Organic Minimalism style, infusing the space with a sense of warmth and character. This feature not only serves as a visual anchor but also highlights the home's dedication to integrating sustainable materials and timeless craftsmanship into modern living. 

A Bespoke Dining Space

The open-plan dining area at Corinth is a perfect example of how Vesta’s inventory can transform a room. With a selection of bespoke furniture and decor, the dining area becomes a focal point of the home. The seamless integration of these elements showcases the harmonious collaboration between Vesta’s design curation and the HELMD team’s architectural vision.

Outdoor Entertaining

Designed to complement the property’s Scandinavian Organic Minimalism aesthetic, the outdoor area is highlighted by Vesta’s signature Jove Outdoor armchair and sofa. Crafted from weather-resistant teak and plush quick-dry foam cushions, these pieces redefine luxury outdoor living. Whether relaxing with a book on the Jove craft sofa or enjoying conversations in the Jove craft armchair, guests at Corinth indulge in unparalleled comfort and sophistication.


Enhancing Spaces with Signature Pieces

Furniture plays a pivotal role in defining the character of a space, serving as more than just functional elements but as statement pieces that complete the overall design. Our Xander chair, positioned below the expansive framed window, exemplifies understated luxury. With its contemporary silhouette, three-legged structure and forest-green upholstered seat - this statement piece completes the curated corner.

Meanwhile, our Isla bench, positioned at the foot of the bed, exemplifies modern sophistication with its plush boucle fabric and graceful curved silhouette. This versatile piece enhances the bedroom sanctuary, while drawing your eye into the bedroom and creating a calming and cohesive aesthetic. 

 A Partnership of Visionaries

Our team from Vesta - Meg Campbell and Kailea Evon, partnered with HELMD, Ricky Castellanos, David Duong, and Danny Prasad to achieve the exceptional design of 3646 Corinth Ave. Their dedication and expertise in real estate development combined with our interior design and luxury staging ensured a design that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Captured beautifully by Hox Creative.

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Now you can bring the refined aesthetic of Corinth Ave into your own living space with Vesta's curated collection. Each piece, meticulously selected by our designers like Kailea Evon, embodies the essence of Scandinavian Organic Minimalism. From sleek furniture to subtle accents, our collection offers everything you need to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere at home.

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