Living Art: Inside the $6.5 Million Atrium House

Living Art: Inside the $6.5 Million Atrium House

Paul Salazar + Vesta Present

11964 Modjeska Pl

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A Modern Masterpiece on the Market

Welcome to our latest luxury staging project, a stunning modern home currently for sale in the tranquil Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Atrium House offers a perfect blend of contemporary design and luxurious comfort. Listed at $6.5 million, this stunning property by Wylan/James Development is a true work of art.

Design Inspiration

Our talented designer, Lisa Vail, drew inspiration from refined minimalism and modern design principles to create a monochromatic palette that exudes elegance and sophistication. By incorporating various shapes, shades, patterns, and tactile elements into the space - the subtleties in her design are what sets this property apart.

At the heart of the dining room, Lisa chose the Dea dining table as the centerpiece, blending simplicity and modernity. Inspired by classic Italian interiors, the marble finish brings a timeless quality, while the minimalist structure ensures a contemporary aesthetic. This refined piece not only complements the monochromatic palette of the home but also enhances the seamless flow between formal and informal spaces. 

The central glass atrium of the Atrium House houses a majestic olive tree, seamlessly bringing a piece of nature indoors and creating a breathtaking focal point. The natural light streaming through the atrium illuminates the stone walls and textured furniture pieces, highlighting their intricate details and enriching the  neutral palette. This harmonious blend of nature and architecture transforms the living space and stands as a testament to the thoughtful integration of organic elements in contemporary interiors.
Contemporary Furniture: A Perfect Match for Modern Architecture

The contemporary architecture of the space is complemented beautifully by the selection of our luxurious furniture pieces, each chosen to enhance the clean lines and modern aesthetic of the home. Lisa combined stone and marble elements with detailed wooden furniture, sleek silhouettes, and plush seating upholstered in natural fabrics to create textural and visual interest throughout. 

Showcasing the Nazare coffee table and Cipres sofa, this living room blends clean lines and luxurious comfort. The coffee table, with its defined shape in textured oak, serves as a visually dynamic centerpiece combined with the sleek, low-profile design of the sofa to add elegance and warmth to the room. These pieces are stylish and functional, providing the perfect setting for both everyday living and special occasions.

The open-plan kitchen is the ultimate for cooking and entertaining. We paired our Trias counter stools with the beautiful marble kitchen island and matching marble backsplash, creating a striking and sophisticated kitchen space. Inspired by Scandinavian design, these stools add a minimalist splash of style to the kitchen, seamlessly blending with the luxurious marble surfaces. The combination of natural teak wood and elegant marble elevates the kitchen's aesthetic, providing a perfect balance of warmth and modernity.

In the Atrium House, the real beauty is found in the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design feature allows the indoor dining area to flow effortlessly into the outdoor dining space, creating an expansive and cohesive environment. Central to this outdoor space are our Beaufort dining chairs, designed to create a chic and natural ambiance. The teak wood construction of the chairs adds an organic feel, while the modern construction still provides the same level of sophistication and style as the indoor dining space.

The curated outdoor area features our luxurious Cabo chaise loungers, creating an inviting and stylish outdoor retreat. The Cabo collection, inspired by natural textures, clean lines, and modern designs, seamlessly integrates with the serene poolside environment. Made from solid teak wood, these pieces offer both durability and elegance, elevating this outdoor space.

You can shop all our luxury furniture showcased at the open house in person or online to bring the same refined look to your own living space.

Meet the Agent: Paul Salazar

Your Guide to Mar Vista's Finest Home Paul Salazar, estates director at Hilton & Hyland/Forbes Global Properties, brings his expertise to the sale of the Atrium House. With a keen eye for luxury real estate, Paul is dedicated to helping potential buyers experience the unique beauty and livability of this exceptional property.

With over $700 million in total real estate sales and over 200 satisfied clients served, Paul Salazar is a real estate veteran with years of invaluable experience. Paul's expertise encompasses the most sought-after neighborhoods in Southern California, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Bell Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, and Malibu.

11964 Modjeska Pl Vesta
Open House Invitation
Join us for an exclusive open house event at 11964 Modjeska hosted every Saturday from 2-5 pm. Experience the luxury interiors, meet agent Paul Salazar, and see how our design and furniture can transform a space. Don’t miss this opportunity to see our luxury furniture in person and discover the design capabilities of our team. We look forward to meeting you!

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