Heavenly Homes: The Sky Garden in Bel Air

Heavenly Homes: The Sky Garden in Bel Air

A Bel-Air address comes with a certain level of expectation. This coveted zip code is more than just an enclave for Hollywood’s elite. Bel Air sits high above the City of Angels, dripping in design history. Projects in this pristine neighborhood demand a level of respect for their glimmering origins. When we received the opportunity to stage this exclusive home on Stradella Court, we knew the end result would have to radiate pure elegance.  

Full Service, Full Satisfaction

At Vesta, we are a full-service design firm specializing in interior design, custom furniture, and home staging. We bring spaces to life through collaborative design and technology. Los Angeles is one of our premiere design destinations. We’ve fallen in love with the endless array of creative California architecture. This home falls into the category of truly spectacular SoCal homes. 

Reimagining Japandi

The Sky Garden home, located on one of the highest ridges in Bel Air, redefines luxury living by creating a tranquil sanctuary that exudes subdued indulgence. Using Japandi as our inspiration, our design philosophy for this home was a juxtaposition of restraint and color, emphasizing texture to create a sense of repose but with an air of intrigue. Classic Japandi style is the combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian elegance. Our goal was to add a subtle hint of Hollywood glamour to the typical Japandi aesthetic. The resulting space is elegant without being exhibitionistic. 

Rich, Moody Hues

Each room was designed to reflect its unique character through the balance of texture and tone. Deep variations of mohair and velvet are contrasted with vivid shades like teal and purple. Each room has its own sense of depth through layers of contrasting textiles—from light ash wood to travertine. The goal was to keep things interesting without overwhelming the senses. Pops of moody jewel tones were imperative in adding a subtle touch of opulence.  

Achieving Style Step-by-Step

We're proud of the unique experience that we provide our clients. From the design walk-through to the final installation, we elevate each aspect of home staging. The final product is the result of a comprehensive journey. Along with our thorough approach, we make sure to communicate with our clients every step of the way. If you choose to work with Vesta, we want you to feel equally involved in the curation process. No matter the scale of your project, your vision will be considered in every phase. 

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