Step into a world of luxury and sophistication as we unveil our top 10 interiors of 2023. From stunning estates to modern sanctuaries, each home embodies elegance and refined living.

A minimalist dream. The sleek design of this Los Angeles property oozes modern luxury. We sought to create a minimalist dream home with high-end materials and finishes. Each corner has been carefully curated with quality in mind. With a plethora of both indoor and outdoor lounge space, this contemporary residence is meant to be enjoyed.


It’s all in the details of this designer San Francisco property. We chose a calming color palette to emphasize the lush, natural surroundings. This home was carefully designed to maximize natural light and highlight the modern structure. Cozy textiles add a soft touch to the chic, contemporary atmosphere.


This enchanting New York apartment, adorned with Vesta’s luxury furniture, captures the essence of a dreamlike oasis in the heart of the city. Our designer used a minimalistic design approach to highlight the modern architecture, with statement furniture pieces that radiate comfort and elegance.


We used bespoke staging to create a quintessential blend of relaxed English countryside allure and modern luxury. The result? A beautiful Bel Air retreat with a combination of lived-in charm and luxury furniture that makes it feel like home from the moment you step inside. Raising the bar for ultimate elegance and entertainment, the open floor plan leaves you in awe of the sky-high ceilings, oak floors, chef’s kitchen and magnificent rolling hill view.


Inspired by its countryside location and contemporary architecture, this newly remodelled home was a dream to interior design. We used black and white hues mixed in with natural materials to make the space feel both organic and luxurious. Crafting the perfect modern country feel that matches the architecture of the space, we opted for modern furniture pieces that invite you to sink in and unwind, while exuding chic sophistication. .



Indoor-outdoor living at its finest. With a focus on curated coziness, we preserve the property's inherent tranquility while crafting an atmosphere that captivates. Experience the allure of custom upholstered luxury furniture, rich fabrics, and exquisite finishes.


Our designers are renowned for transforming spaces into timeless environments that reflect how you want to live - indoors and out. Featuring an outdoor oasis in Florida where less becomes more and calm is created through continuity.


Where outdoor entertaining becomes an art form. Our team collaborated with Alexandra and Michael Toccin to furnish this exquisite Hamptons estate with luxurious outdoor furniture and coastal chic home décor, creating the ultimate setting for lavish gatherings and leisurely afternoons. Every piece was carefully chosen to harmonize with the charm of this coastal retreat, creating an oasis for outdoor events and entertaining.


We collaborated with the talented Nina Takesh to elevate this home with the combination of her interior design expertise and our luxury furnishings. The result - visual consistency with a Parisian feeling, curved silhouettes, and a sophisticated softness. Our designers worked closely with Nina to handpick contemporary pieces from our luxury furniture range with a mix of understated elegance and classic charm to truly transform this interior. 


This historic icon is brought back to life with our bespoke staging of these one-of-a-kind residences on Philadelphia’s waterfront. The combination of breathtaking views, luxury furnishings, and an abundance of natural light sweeping the interior creates a true oasis on the rivers edge.

Our turnkey solutions are designed to transform properties into a space that feels like home in no time. With our luxury furniture available to rent or to purchase, you can have the flexibility to truly curate and personalize your home to be both timeless and on trend.

Curated by Vesta | Full-service Design + Furniture Studio

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  • Astyork

    Congratulations on a year filled with captivating spaces! Your blog has been a constant source of inspiration, showcasing the beauty and creativity that can transform any space into something truly extraordinary. Here’s to many more years of innovative design ideas and captivating interiors. Keep up the amazing work!

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